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Fat Injection for Facial Contouring

Fat injection for facial contouring is one of the hottest new cosmetic surgery procedures. Many patients are now turning to this procedure to look youthful and rejuvenated.
Facial fat injection, also known as autologous fat transplantation or microfatinjection is a cosmetic procedure that targets and corrects loss of volume in the face and restores facial volume and youthfulness. Facial fat injection is used to fill in hollowness under the eyes, the cheekbone area, laugh lines, jaw lines, and other facial creases. Facial fat injection is also used to treat deep wrinkles, fill in certain types of scarring, and to plump up the lips. Facial fat injection can be performed on any patient with loss of facial volume who is looking to improve his/her facial appearance.
The results of facial fat injection are immediate and permanent when performed by a plastic surgeon who is experienced with the modern fat injection techniques. Older surgical methods were less sophisticated and tended to give less predictable results hence the common misconception that fat injections did not last. When properly performed, fat injection only needs to be done once!
After the fat injection procedure, the treated areas will appear bruised and swollen. The swelling will last for several days which may be an important consideration in scheduling your facial fat injection treatment. Most people are able to resume their regular routine the week after their fat injection procedure.
Facial fat injection treatments can also be combined with other facial surgery. Dr Carman will help you decide which procedure or combination of procedures will best address your individual concerns during your facial fat injection consultation.
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