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Fat Injection Treatment Safety

It is no wonder that fat injection has become one of the hottest new developments in plastic surgery. Fat injection treatment is uniquely useful because it is well suited to correct loss of volume and symmetry in a way that is superior to other treatment modalities. While some of these concerns can be addressed by injectable fillers, fat injection is gaining popularity because, under the correct conditions, the results are permanent and therefore ongoing treatments are not required.
The Face - In the face, fat injection can fill hollowed out cheekbones for a younger, fresher look; it can be used to fill laugh lines and crow’s feet to reduce the signs of aging. Fat injection is also used to enlarge and reshape thinning lips and correct hollowness under the eyes.
The Body - Fat injection can also be used for other parts of the body such as the buttocks and breasts. Fat injection is particularly useful when filling larger areas such as the buttocks where other injectable fillers are less appropriate. Fat injection can also be used to correct smaller asymmetries in the breasts, but is does not take the place of traditional breast augmentation using implants for overall volume increase. Indentations caused by injuries and scars are also commonly treated with fat injection.
The Hands - Another common area treated with fat injection is the hands. Fat injection can reduce the signs of aging on the hands by filling hollowed out areas and hiding bulging veins and protruding bones and tendons that occur as we age. This creates a softer, younger look. Many patients undergoing fat injection choose to treat their hands at the same time as having facial fat injection in order to prevent their hands from giving away their age.
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