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Fat Injection Treatment FAQ's

What are fat injections or fat transfers?
Fat injection procedure takes fat from tummy or hips and injects it into areas of hollowness. The cheeks and lips are two of the most common areas of fat injection. The goal of fat injection procedure is to add fullness to the face, lips, breasts and other appropriate areas.

What volume improvement can be expected by fat injection?
The volume of fat injected during fat injection process depends upon the donor site and the area that is going to be enhanced. Dr Carman will determine the appropriate volume of fat to be injected given the volume improvement that can be realistically achieved during fat injection.

Why is fat injection preferred over other filler substances?
Fat injection involves taking the patient's own fat. Therefore, there are no allergy risks associated with fat injection whatsoever. Furthermore, if performed by an experienced physician, fat injection can produce permanent and natural results not always possible by other foreign substances.

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