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Is fat injection painful?
Fat injection is not painful. Dr Carman performs all procedures in the fully accredited surgical facility and may subscribe anesthetics as appropriate to minimize any discomfort as a result of your fat injection treatment.

Are there any risks associated with fat injection?
All surgery contains inherent risk. However, fat injection is one of the safest procedures performed in the field of plastic surgery. Bruising and swelling are the most common reaction to fat injection and can be controlled by medication.

What is the recovery period associated with fat injection?
Fat injection is a relatively simple procedure with minimal down time. Most patients recover within 24-48 hours following fat injection. Laborious activities should be avoided for seven days following fat injection surgery.

Who can benefit from fat injection?
Anyone who ages! Fat injection can reverse effects of aging by restoring fullness to the treated area. Fat injection is most often performed to add volume to the face. However, Dr Carman performs fat injection to add volume to a number of body areas. These include fat injection to the buttock area, to improve breast symmetry and to fill in scars and depressions.

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