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Toronto Fat Injection for the Hands

Fat injection is a very effective way to treat the loss of volume in the subcutaneous tissues of the hand. As we age the distribution of our body fat is altered. Generally, fat shrinks away from our face and hands causing loss of volume and hollowness. This loss of fat makes the underlying elements – such as veins and tendons - more prominent. When coupled with a loss of skin elasticity, the result is an appearance that is bony and older looking. If your hands look old, it doesn’t matter how youthful your face looks, people won’t be fooled.

Fat injection for the hands involves taking fat from the abdomen or hips using microliposuction techniques and injecting it into the hands. The hollowness in the hands can be improved dramatically with fat injection. Other treatments such as lasers offer some improvements; however, lasers and other skin treatments primarily target the surface and do not address the loss of volume. Fat injection is the only treatment that will create a fuller, more youthful contour. The change is visible immediately after the fat injection treatment and is permanent. It is a unique procedure that is becoming very popular. My Toronto fat injection patients love their results!

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