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Fat Injection Procedure - Fat Injection with Liposuction & Fat Injection Toronto

Fat Injection Procedure

During your fat injection procedure where liposuction is not performed the area from which the fat is taken and the area to be treated with fat injection is anesthetized. Fat injection is then performed by removing fat from a "donor" site such as abdomen using a syringe. Fat injection procedure then continues by placing extracted fat in a special machine that will separate excess fluids from fat. Next step in the fat injection procedure is re-injection of fat in the fat injection treatment area.

Fat Injection with Liposuction
Fat injection can be performed together with liposuction. In this case fat required for fat injection will come from liposuctioned fat. The fat is then processed in the same way and the fat injection procedure is carried on.

After Fat Injection Procedure

Swelling is the most common reaction following fat injection procedure. Any discomfort from fat injection procedure is easily controlled with pain medication. Furthermore you will receive post fat injection treatment instructions that will also minimize discomfort. There may also be some bruising following fat injection.
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